Member Ministries

8:36 Medical Ministry

Mark 8:36 asks us - what good it is if we tend to our physical needs yet ignore our spiritual needs? As a family physician involved in the day-to-day care of patients Dr. Curtis Preik has cared for the physical needs of his patients but senses a profound neglect of his patients’ spiritual needs. As a response, he has created a free clinic ministry for patients who cannot afford medical insurance or the cost of healthcare. With the help of the local church body and the latest in mobile communication he is now able to care for the underserved in the Concord/Charlotte, NC area.

Curtis Preik, M.D.
Concord, North Carolina


Adoptions for Christ

Adoptions for Christ gives hope to the "fatherless" through the love of Jesus Christ, by matching minority orphans with adoptive Christian families to create and foster Christ-centered, Gospel-perpetuating homes for children who have no home.

David Halstead
Haymarket, Virginia


Beacon Of Light

The mission of Beacon of Light is to support, educate and reconcile families of the incarcerated by sharing the love and truth of Jesus Christ. Through this they aim to reduce recidivism, create safer communities and change family legacies.

Michelle Payette
Rexford, New York

Carolina Men

Carolina Men is a volunteer network of men throughout the Carolinas whose purpose is to support and encourage anyone engaged in ministering to men. This is done by providing fellowship, resources, training and gatherings for men. This does not replace the work of the church in ministering to men - it reinforces it.

Marty Granger
Charlotte, North Carolina

Celebrating Life with Jesus

Celebrating Life With Jesus is the ministry of Beverly Lockhart, a spiritual life coach and counselor that works with Pro-Life and Human Trafficking ministries in the Charlotte, North Carolina area. She is also a leadership trainer and experiential teacher to ministry leaders, small leadership groups and conferences.

Beverly Lockhart
Charlotte, North Carolina

Christian Budget Coaching Associates

Christian Budget Coaching Associates is a teaching/coaching/discipleship ministry focusing on a biblical approach to personal finances. The goal is to assist people in learning, applying and, in turn, teaching biblical financial principles.

David Warren
Manahawkin, New Jersey

Connection Points

Connection Points helps ordinary Christians do the extraordinary work of evangelism. They provide Biblical teaching and training to help people see ties between God and all of life and seek ties between Christians and all peoples.

Randy Newman
Annandale, Virginia


CrossCare International

CrossCare International is a resource to pastors, missionaries, churches and mission agencies in providing professional mental health care and education that integrates responsible psychology, biblical theology and spiritual growth. This ministry makes it possible to travel overseas to assist missionaries and national Christian workers and to consult with churches and mission agencies in the United States.

Mary Lou Lyon
McLean, Virginia


Debt Free in Christ

The mission of Debt Free in Christ is to simply help people live a debt-free life resulting in financial peace. Once financial peace is achieved a solid foundation is created for adopting the principles of biblical stewardship.

Jose Zambrana
Souderton, Pennsylvania

Delhi International Christian Fellowship

This ministry supports the pastoral ministry at the Delhi International Christian Fellowship, a local church ministry of international expatriate families and singles in New Delhi, India.

Pastor W. Karl Smith
New Delhi, India


For Men Only

For Men Only wants to change the hearts of men in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area. They do this by partnering with local churches to hold regional evangelistic events that reach men through the medium of sports. Their goal is to spur on and encourage the Christian men of this generation to reach out to other men with the life changing message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Bill Stern
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


God Has More

God Has More is the biblical counseling ministry of Travis Harrison. After a life of rebelling against God through chemical dependency and other self destructive patterns Travis went from successful businessman to resident of a local rescue mission. Through the intervention of some caring friends and family and a local Christian recovery ministry Travis surrendered his life to Christ. Now as a certified biblical counselor by the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors his calling and deep desire is to offer the same hope and restoration to others crippled by addiction.

Travis Harrison
Greer, South Carolina

Great Commission Families

Great Commission Families believes and models that every Christian family has three mission fields: The first is under their own roof, the second is where they already live by reaching out together as a family, and the third is wherever in the world the Lord might take them.

Bernie & Linda Beall
Brunswick, Maryland

Haiti Care Mission

The goal of Haiti Care Mission is to share the love of Jesus with the children of Haiti through handmade items. Each hand sewn item is made to help every child know that they are precious in His sight.

Lance & Lynn Anderson
North Port, Florida

Haiti Missions

Haiti Missions is the ministry of evangelism, discipleship, compassion and skills training of independent missionaries Mike and Marian Painter in Montrouis, Haiti.

Mike & Marian Painter
Chillicothe, Missouri & Montrouis, Haiti


Heartbeat of A Woman

Heartbeat of a Woman is a one-day conference in Colorado Springs, Colorado for women with the purpose of connecting women in order to encourage, disciple and reach out in their communities. This dynamic annual event offers women the opportunity to spend a day in worship, instruction, and fellowship.

Bobbie Hagar
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Honest to God

Honest to God is the evangelistic ministry of Josh Weidmann. Honest to God exists to preach the Word of God boldly without apology, and to invite others to be honest with God for the sake of true spiritual transformation.

Josh Weidmann
Littleton, Colorado

InRich Ministries

InRich Ministries exists to strengthen individuals and families in their walk with Jesus Christ through personal counseling, Bible exposition, specialized resources, and unique seminars.

David Parrish
Pratts, Virginia

Interface International

Interface International is a ministry that focuses on serving international college students in the Virginia Beach, Virginia area. The goal is to share the Good News with international college students who will in turn take this news with them when they return to be leaders in their countries.

Martin & Edwina Morgan
Norfolk, Virginia


Making the Gospel Known Ministries

Making the Gospel Known devotes itself to the great tasks of making the Gospel known and of equipping families and churches to do the same. This is done through various methods of evangelizing, through preaching and through evangelism instruction.

Chris Peeler
Pasadena, Maryland

Man UP Ministries

God has had a plan for each man from the beginning of time. He has designed them with their own spiritual DNA. Each man has a unique potential that is waiting to be discovered, developed and deployed. Man UP Ministries exists to help men unlock their God-given potential.

Rex Tignor
Henrico, Virginia

Men of A.I.M.

Men of AIM (Action, Integrity, Maturity) is a regional men's ministry serving the local church through communications ,networking, training and resources in the battle for men's souls.

Rich Gerberding
Chillicothe, Illinois


Next Steps for Men

Next Steps for Men is a ministry to men in the Sarasota, Florida region. Their passion is to disciple men, train leaders and assist churches to do the same.

David Enslow
Sarasota, Florida

Saving it Godward

Saving It Godward assists Christian houses of worship by enabling them to be excellent stewards of their financial resources. Specifically, Saving It Godward is a ministry that enables these churches to reduce their overall energy consumption.

Peter Callowhill
San Francisco, California


Shimonoseki Christ Bible Ministries

The goal of Shimonoseki Christ Bible Ministries is to reach out with God's love to as many people as possible in one of the world's most unreached people groups.

Tony & Marica Haug - Shimonoseki, Japan

Ivan & Roxanne Annis - Shimonoseki, Japan

The Greater Path

The Greater Path is the teaching, preaching and counseling ministry of Dr. Joseph and Alison Dugas.

Joseph & Alison Dugas
Dry Prong, Louisiana

The Imagine Conference

The Imagine Conference is a one day conference in Colorado Springs, Colorado designed to reach teenage girls with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The aim is to encourage and inspire them in their journey with the Lord and to find their identity in Christ rather than in what our present culture has to offer them.

Vicki Clark
Colorado Springs, Colorado

The Pure Man Ministry

Being and remaining morally pure is difficult at best...but not impossible. The Pure Man Ministry is all about helping men become hungry to live in purity, become passionate for God's Word and be aware of the practical answers from Scripture that make it all possible.

Steve Etner
Osceola, Indiana

Upper Midwest Men

Upper Midwest Men is a ministry to leaders of men covering Minnesota, the Dakotas, Wisconsin and Iowa. It is their objective to connect with area ministries though regional conferences, and in turn, these conferences will allow them to offer leadership resources, tools, consulting and coaching to move them to be effective disciplers of men.

Alex Cabrera
Fergus Falls, Minnesota