How We Serve

The purpose of this model is to visually display how MINISTRY ALLIANCE understands the effective functioning of a successful MINISTRY ALLIANCE MEMBER.

As the MINISTRY ALLIANCE MEMBER moves from the call of ministry to the execution of ministry, it will be supported by three core entities.

Model for Ministry

  1. The Local Church – Since MINISTRY ALLIANCE is committed to the fulfillment of the Great Commission given by Jesus Christ to His Church (Matthew 28;19), it is expected that the leader(s) of each MINISTRY ALLLIANCE MEMBER be actively connected to and participating in a local body of like-minded believers.
  2. Support Team – Every MINISTRY ALLIANCE MEMBER needs a core of relationships that will anchor it’s ministry. These relationships will include a Ministry Leadership Team, financial supporters, prayer supporters, ambassadors, encouragers, etc.
  3. MINISTRY ALLIANCE – MINISTRY ALLLIANCE empowers its MEMBERS by joining many ministries together to do what none could do alone. MINISTRY ALLIANCE encourages its MEMBERS through accessibility and a vast network of ministry relationships. MINISTRY ALLIANCE equips its MEMBERS by giving them a full service administrative office.