Member Ministries

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    Cape Fear Men

    Cape Fear Men is a Men’s Ministry Coalition formed to come alongside the local church and men’s groups for the purpose of discipling men into an intimate and intentional relationship with God in the Cape Fear area of North Carolina.

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    Celebrating Life with Jesus

    Celebrating Life With Jesus is the ministry of Beverly Lockhart, a spiritual life coach and counselor that works with Pro-Life and Human Trafficking ministries in the Charlotte, North Carolina area. She is also a leadership trainer and experiential teacher to ministry leaders, small leadership groups and conferences.

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    Charlotte Turkey Bowl

    The Charlotte Turkey Bowl is an outreach event for men that integrates flag football, community and faith into a memorable day on the field. The day-long event is co-sponsored by three Charlotte Area organizations: Ministry Alliance, Legacy Sports and Unpackin’ it. It is held every year on the Saturday before Thanksgiving.

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    Connection Points

    Connection Points helps ordinary Christians do the extraordinary work of evangelism. They provide Biblical teaching and training to help people see ties between God and all of life and seek ties between Christians and all peoples.

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    CrossCare International

    CrossCare International is a resource to pastors, missionaries, churches and mission agencies in providing professional mental health care and education that integrates responsible psychology, biblical theology and spiritual growth. This ministry makes it possible to travel overseas to assist missionaries and national Christian workers and to consult with churches and mission agencies in the United States.

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    Crossroads Journeys

    Crossroads Journeys is a faith-based ministry open to parents who have experienced the death of their child(ren). Crossroads provides parents with a community which provides ongoing emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical support for parents going through the most difficult of journeys, the death of their child(ren), utilizing approaches tailored to the specific needs of the individual and the difficult journey they find themselves traveling.

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    Debt Free in Christ

    The mission of Debt Free in Christ is to simply help people live a debt-free life resulting in financial peace. Once financial peace is achieved a solid foundation is created for adopting the principles of biblical stewardship.

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    Engage Men

    Change a Man…Change the World! Engage Men is committed to strengthening families beginning with men by providing training, resources and events that equip churches to help men come to know Christ and more fully experience Him.

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    Equipping for Discipleship

    Discipleship is relational. Discipleship is active. Discipleship is reproduced. Equipping for Discipleship is the personal discipleship ministry of Steve Sorenson. Steve’s passion is to equip believers to actively disciple others and show unbelievers the welcome mat of heaven.

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    Full Armor

    Full Armor exists to intentionally prepare the young men in the Richmond, Virginia area to live out their divine calling to protect and provide for their families. This foundational development is achieved through three core elements that are critical in the spiritual growth of a man: (MDL) Mentorship, Discipleship and Leadership.

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    Great Commission Families

    Great Commission Families believes and models that every Christian family has three mission fields: The first is under their own roof, the second is where they already live by reaching out together as a family, and the third is wherever in the world the Lord might take them.

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    Haiti Missions

    Haiti Missions is the ministry of evangelism, discipleship, compassion and skills training of independent missionaries Mike and Marian Painter in Montrouis, Haiti.

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    Honest to God

    Honest to God is the evangelistic ministry of Josh Weidmann. Honest to God exists to preach the Word of God boldly without apology, and to invite others to be honest with God for the sake of true spiritual transformation.

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    InRich Ministries

    InRich Ministries exists to strengthen individuals and families in their walk with Jesus Christ through personal counseling, Bible exposition, specialized resources and unique seminars.

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    Interface International

    Interface International is a ministry that focuses on serving international students and graduates. When students experience hospitality and help in many practical ways they are usually eager to respond positively to the Good News and share with their fellow internationals.

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    Live Loved In Christ

    Live Loved In Christ is the individual discipleship, counseling and mentoring ministry of Carolyn Kennedy. The purpose of Live Loved In Christ is to reveal to teens and adults that they are loved by God and can find their true identity in Jesus Christ.

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    Man UP Ministries

    God has had a plan for each man from the beginning of time. He has designed them with their own spiritual DNA. Each man has a unique potential that is waiting to be discovered, developed and deployed. Man UP Ministries exists to help men unlock their God-given potential.

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    Next Chapter Ministries

    Dr. Floyd Elmore is retired from being the academic dean of a major Charlotte, North Carolina evangelical seminary and has begun serving as the pastor-in-residence in his 55+ community that has 3,200 homes. He teaches a weekly Bible study, performs pastoral care duties and shares Christ with many who have yet to hear the Gospel.

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    Psalm 91 Bandanas – First Responders

    We live in difficult times and need our First Responders (Medical Professionals, EMT’s, Fire Fighters, Police, etc.) to be reminded of God’s presence with them. The mission of Psalm 91 Bandanas is to gift First Responders with a bandana with Psalm 91, the Psalm of protection, printed on it. This is a bandana that they can carry with them as they serve the community as a reminder that they can say of the Lord, “He is my my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust.”

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    Stand Up Men

    The purpose of Stand Up Men is to provide training to churches, men’s ministries and individual men. The goal of this training is to help create successful events that will feed and motivate men to participate in small groups and service to the church and larger community. It’s a fact: when men learn, serve and fellowship together they not only grow closer to God, they become stronger husbands, fathers and leaders.

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    The Imagine Conference

    The Imagine Conference is a one day conference in Colorado Springs, Colorado designed to reach teenage girls with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The aim is to encourage and inspire them in their journey with the Lord and to find their identity in Christ rather than in what our present culture has to offer them.

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    The Pure Man Ministry

    Being and remaining morally pure is difficult at best…but not impossible. The Pure Man Ministry is all about helping men become hungry to live in purity, become passionate for God’s Word and be aware of the practical answers from Scripture that make it all possible.

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    Torch of Salvation International

    Torch of Salvation Intl. works in Spanish-speaking countries in the Caribbean region to train leaders of evangelical churches, conduct evangelism campaigns, multiply house churches and plant new churches. Many of the regions where they work are blessed to be experiencing true spiritual multiplication as people respond to the Gospel and receive follow-up through neighborhood house churches.

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