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Basic Requirements

  • Be at least 21 years of age
  • Subscribe without reservation to the MINISTRY ALLIANCE Statement of Belief
  • Live a life that honors God, is above reproach and worthy of your calling
  • Operate your ministry under the authority and accountability of the MINISTRY ALLIANCE Board of Directors and abide by policies implemented and carried out by its leadership

Benefits & Costs

  • Immediate 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status for all donations to your ministry
  • Accountability and visibility as a member of an established evangelical organization
  • Cost-effective operational support
  • Ministry partnership and supportive relationships
  • One-time application fee of $375
  • 12% Ministry Service Fee assessed on contribution revenue deposited in your account and 10% on program (non-receiptable) revenue.

TOP 10 most frequently asked questions about being a MINISTRY ALLIANCE Member

Q. What is the purpose behind MINISTRY ALLIANCE?
A. To make it possible for men and women to direct a non-profit ministry without the challenges of also managing the legal, financial, personnel and administrative duties required by law for operating as an IRS-approved 501(c)(3) non-profit Christian ministry.

Q. What kind of ministries are you looking to sponsor?
A. We serve ministries targeting missions, evangelism, discipleship, training, teaching, preaching, equipping or serving others in the Name of Jesus Christ. We are evangelical in our convictions and focused on fulfilling the Great Commission commanded in Matthew 28:19.

Q. Must I have previous ministry experience before applying?
A. While ministry experience and education is very helpful, it is not necessary. Previous life experience as a maturing Christian is a prerequisite. We will work with you to help develop your understanding of the principles and practices of effective Christian ministry as needed. However, our history shows that joining MINISTRY ALLIANCE is optimal for those who have been a missionary, pastor or Christian leader/worker and wishes to launch a new or renewed outreach.

Q. How long does it take to be approved once I submit my Member Ministry Application?
A. The average time is seven days for an applicant who comes to us by personal referral from our long-established network of ministry relationships. Those with no previous connection take a bit longer due to the time needed for background and reference checks.

Q. Does my ministry have to be my full-time vocation?
A. No. Many of our past and current ministries are led by part-time or bi-vocational directors. Others may wish to be full-time. In fact, there are many who come to us from other organizations to start a new ministry and find they are able to quickly and easily make the transition.

Q. Can I be compensated from my ministry work?
A. Yes. With the approval of the leadership of MINISTRY ALLIANCE you can be compensated as an employee (W-2) or as a contract laborer (1099) depending on your particular situation and role. This is reviewed and determined by the leadership of MINISTRY ALLIANCE.

Q. Do I form my own Board of Directors as a MINISTRY ALLIANCE Member?
A. No. Since you are operating under the auspice of MINISTRY ALLIANCE, the MINISTRY ALLIANCE Board of Directors is your Board of Directors. You are, however, required to assemble a Ministry Leadership Team for your ministry. Though they have no legal authority over your ministry, they are the men and women who are committed to giving you ministry guidance, accountability, financial support and encouragement.

Q. How do people make out checks to my ministry?
A. Donors make their contributions in the name of your ministry since it is your ministry they are supporting. They will receive a tax receipt from MINISTRY ALLIANCE for every gift they give with the name of your ministry program designated on the statement.

Q. What do I get for my Ministry Service Fee?
A. You receive the benefit of being non-profit without having to apply to the IRS and maintain that status. You receive a host of legal, financial, and administrative services. You also receive the benefit of the experience and counsel of the MINISTRY ALLIANCE leadership team.

Q. What if I decide to leave MINISTRY ALLIANCE? What happens to the funds in my account?
A. If your relationship with MINISTRY ALLIANCE is dissolved for any reason the funds remaining in your ministry account at the time of your departure will remain the property of MINISTRY ALLIANCE or be deeded to a new non-profit ministry organization if you choose to form one.