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So what do they do?

October 31, 2018

It is a privilege to update you on the Gospel-driven missionary team of Ministry Alliance. Currently there are 33 separate and distinct outreaches we call Member Ministries, each one with its own unique calling, yet all united in mission. So what do they do?

We’re glad you asked.

They teach in universities. They disciple new believers. They train tomorrow’s leaders. They counsel the hurting. They preach in the streets. They educate in the halls of power. They battle against pornography and addictions. They share God’s love with the lost.

They encourage and equip men. They speak to the hearts of women. They nurture young people. They encourage and strengthen parents. They facilitate adoption. They work alongside pastors and churches. They host life-changing events. They welcome and witness to international students.

These men and women minister with joy, grace, faith and boldness. And they need our help. We need your help to help them. Here’s why — Jesus Christ will return one day soon. And until that day, each of us is charged by Jesus himself to be prepared, be productive, and be practicing practical love. (Matthew Chap. 25)