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Men of A.I.M. / Christian Movie Central

April 11, 2019

Men of AIM (Action, Integrity, Maturity) is a regional ministry to men serving the local church through communications & networking in the battle for men’s souls.  It is also the home of CHRISTIAN MOVIE CENTRAL, a national network of city-based marketing efforts for Christian films.


Man UP Ministries

April 11, 2019

God has had a plan for each man from the beginning of time. He has designed them with their own spiritual DNA. Each man has a unique potential that is waiting to be discovered, developed and deployed. Man UP Ministries exists to help men unlock their God-given potential.

Making the Gospel Known Ministries

April 11, 2019

Making the Gospel Known devotes itself to the great tasks of making the Gospel known and of equipping families and churches to do the same. This is done through various methods of evangelizing, through preaching and through evangelism instruction.